"....very helpful in completing my Spanish income tax return and given sound advice. They’ve made the whole process so easy for me."

Susan Latham, MD, Getty Images S.L. (Barcelona/London)

Need help or advice for your business in Spain? Need to file your Spanish tax returns?

Welcome to www.spainaccounting.com, the site designed to offer some immediate help and guidance to tax, accounting and legal problems for businesses and individuals in Spain.

  • Thinking of setting up a company or business in Spain but feel lost by surfing the web?
  • Want help in understanding the Spanish tax system? Need tax advice? Want it in simple, straightforward English?
  • Looking for a reliable accountant, lawyer or “gestor” in Spain?
  • Need to file your annual income tax return as an employee, freelancer or non-resident?

These are some of the issues and questions that most foreigners have when they live or work in Spain and need professional advice. The aim of spainaccounting.com is to offer practical guidelines as a first step in solving some of these problems. For more detailed information get in touch with us and you’ll receive personal, practical advice on:

  • how to start up a business in Spain and the costs involved
  • solutions to all your business accounting needs
  • the tax, accounting and mercantile obligations of running a business in Spain
  • individual and business tax advice

In addition, if you need any additional professional advice we’re affiliated to a wide network of professionals and can recommend lawyers, financial advisors, insurance brokers, auditors and “gestores”. And if your Spanish isn’t too fluent, these professionals speak English, French and other languages.